Era is  one of the original founding fathers of The Final Tribe. 

On this picture Era is wearing the first ever Original TFT Match Jersey, produced in early 2018, and used at the first DPC event in TFT history - the GESC Jakarta Minor.

The Original was made out of a mixture of Vibefiber* and cotton, a material composition designed to maximize peak performance and enhance cognition and extreme focus while playing the game DOTA2. It can also help detect cheaters.

The five original versions of the Original Jersey are still kept at the Betspawn Tribal Museum at the Tribal HQ in Malmö, Sweden, where they can be viewed by the public.

It's not as good as the original, but you can get your own copy version of the Original Jersey from the Tribelife store.


The effect on my apperance and charisma, even my posture, is immensely satisfying, and also helpful to me whilst  ruling the empire, and it's all thanks to the pure simplicity and yet amazing technical sophistication of the #tribelife Clothing products from The Final Tribe, which I wear everyday and on all occasions."

Marcus Aurelius

I know of nothing else that can satisfy my soul as much as to wear a pure and simple TFT hoodie and  sit down in in front of my comp with a really expensive 'fuck you-bottle' of wine and play a couple of games of dotes without disturbance from women.



This simple truth is  demonstrated everyday all of the time throughout mainstream culture all over the planet. TFT might not be your top of the list idols out there, but wtf, a mans gotta try, and if you buy our shit we promise you a life of fantastical fandom pleasures to be lived and behold on account of our creative and productive stupidity.  Promise. We are just getting started. Stay tuned for more.